Our Plan

Supportive living at Julie Adams House

Our Program…

The Julie Adams House offers a 4-phase rehabilitation program, lasting a minimum of 6 months the only requirements for admission is all women must be 18 years or older and come to us with a desire to stay sober.

Phase One

Once accepted into our program, the new resident is admitted directly into Phase One which lasts approximately two weeks. During this time, the resident is not allowed to make or receive any telephone calls. She will attend 5 one-hour long peer support groups (PSG) daily, Monday through Friday, and three on Saturday. She will be given a “Buddy” who is a Phase 2 resident that will mentor her during phase 1. The Phase One resident will go to a 12-step meeting every night.

Phase Two

After the first 2 weeks New Resident’s will be given an assessment which will determine what is included in her rehabilitation plan.  Phase Two lasts 60 to 90 days. Residents will continue to attend the Peer Support Recovery Groups Monday – Saturday where they will be introduced to the concepts of a 12-step program and attend a nightly 12-step meeting. The resident will be enrolled into an Intensive Outpatient treatment program through Stella Maris, Rosary Hall, or Old School IOP.  Women will also attend job skills training if needed.

Phase Three

Once the resident completes Phase 2 she will begin to look for work. While looking for work, all residents will still abide by the rules and regulations of Phase Two. She will be allowed to have a cell phone after paying ½ of her first month’s rent, towards Phase Four, of $175. In this phase the resident may go to outside appointments, i.e. doctors, dentist, counseling etc

Phase Four

The purpose of Phase Four is to offer a resident a gentle transition back into a healthy, responsible and independent lifestyle. She will be able to utilize her tools of recovery she has learned in real life situations while in the safety of the Julie Adams House. In Phase Four the residents will pay $350 a month for rent, residents will have a midnight curfew and will be subject to random alcohol and drug screening. Phase Four is designed to last for a minimum of 4 months but all residents are encouraged to stay as long as they need in order to maintain their foundation of recovery.


“Before coming to the Julie Adams House, I never thought I could get sober. I had been to rehab many times, so I wasn’t optimistic. Being able to live at the house while I went back to work gave me the structure and foundation that has shaped my whole life. I have a new life that I never would have imagined before and it wouldn’t have been possible without my time there.”
Sarah Y. (30 months sober)

“Julie Adams House is a beautiful place with beautiful women, and thanks to all of them, I am now ready to face the world. I am so blessed to have lived here, learned here, grown here, and begun my journey of life being sober.”

R.C. (15 months sober)