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Our Program

Our Program

Learn more about the supportive living program at the Julie Adams House.

Program - Path Forward

Program Phases

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Phase One: Initiation to Supportive Living

Once accepted into our program, the new resident is admitted directly into Phase One.

  • The program lasts approximately 2 weeks.
  • No telephone calls.
  • The resident attends 5 one-hour Peer Support Group sessions daily M-F.
  • In addition, she attends 3 one-hour Peer Support Group sessions on Saturday.
  • The resident is assigned a “buddy” (Phase 2 resident) as a mentor during this time.
  • Finally, she will attend a 12-step meeting every night.
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Phase Two: Assessment of Rehabilitation Plan

New residents will be given an assessment that will determine what is included in her supportive living rehabilitation plan.

  • Lasts 60 to 90 days.
  • Firstly, an assessment of a new rehabilitation plan will be completed.
  • The resident must attend Peer Support Group meetings M – S.
  • Meanwhile, she will learn concepts of the 12-step program and attend a nightly 12-step meeting.
  • She will enroll in an Intensive Outpatient treatment program through various centers.
  • In addition, she can attend job skills training if needed
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Phase Three: Preparation for Life and Work

After completing phase 2, new residents will begin seeking employment.

  • Most importantly, the resident begins to look for work.
  • Once she has paid 1/2 of her first month’s rent (of $175), the resident will be granted access to her cell phone.
  • The resident can go to outside appointments, i.e. doctors, dentists, counseling, etc.
  • Additionally, she must abide by the rules/regulations of Phase 2.


Phase Four: Transition from the Julie Adams House

The purpose of Phase 4 is to offer a resident a gentle transition back into a healthy, responsible and independent lifestyle.

  • Designed to last a minimum of 4 months, but all residents are encouraged to stay as long as they need in order to maintain their foundation of recovery.
  • During this time, the resident must pay $350 a month for rent.
  • There is a midnight curfew.
  • Also, residents are subject to random alcohol and drug screening.

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Supportive Living Program FAQs

Q. How do I qualify to get into the house?

A. All residents must pass our intake screening to establish that this is the right program for them.

Q. Is there a waiting list?

A. Because our bed space is limited, we generally are filled. However, referral agencies are encouraged to contact us about openings.

Q. How long is the plan?

A. Going through all four phases requires a minimum six-month commitment. Although, residents can extend their stay if they feel the need.

Q. Can anyone get help from the Julie Adams House?

A. Our program is strictly for women who are over the age of eighteen.

Q. May I have visitors?

A. We are structured supportive living, so we encourage visitors to adhere to specified visiting hours. We also recommend that friends and family members participate in Al-Anon or Nar-Anon support groups and are happy to help loved ones find the right meetings.

Q. When are visiting hours?

A. Visitors are permitted only at specified visiting hours. Call for the most up-to-date times.

Q. How can friends and family help their loved ones?

In order to help their loved ones, we recommend that friends and family members participate in Al-Anon or Nar-Anon support groups and are happy to help loved ones find the right meetings.

Q. What will I have to pay?

A. As the Julie Adams House is non-profit, it is funded solely by donations, fundraising, and the rent that residents pay each month. Click here to learn more about donating to our cause.

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